Leave your Spark in this world with a design made by The Sterling Studio

Services offered by the Sterling Studio

A Large Hand Picked Selection of ‘Sterling Retail Jewelry’ ready for purchase now

The Sterling Studio began as a retail store.  It still carries a sizable hand selected inventory purchased from other artists or manufacturers.  While none of this inventory is pictured here, you can contact us to see if an item you are seeking is available at The Sterling Studio and ready to go.  This is a great option if you need a gift quickly or are not ready to have a piece commissioned just yet.

A Selection of Sterling Studio ‘One of a Kind’ – Signed pieces ready for purchase now

Occasionally, ideas just happen to run through the brain and out the finger tips unexpectedly.  These feral pieces are put on display to be sold.  Some of these pieces have later become what is referred to as ‘Strands’ worthy of reproduction.  But for now they are ‘One of a Kind’ – signed pieces ready to be sold without having to be commissioned.

The Sterling Studio Offers ‘Commissioned Custom Design and Creation’

  Commissioned Custom Design is a 6 – 8 week process (and sometimes longer)

  If you supply a “to scale visual” of exactly what you want commissioned, this will be to your benefit cost wise.  Your request will be quoted as it is drawn.  The visual you supply must be your own creation.  You will sign a waiver stating this is your design in order to release The Sterling Studio from any Copyright Infringement Liability.

  If you cannot supply a “to scale visual”, then the process begins with a non-refundable design fee paid up front which varies by complexity of design as discussed.  All Sterling Studio designs remain property of the Sterling Studio.

* Quotes are good for two weeks.  If your design needs quoted a second time, there will be a fee if two weeks time has passed or Precious Metals prices have changed. Fees vary depending on complexity of design.

The Sterling Studio reserves the right to refuse work based on Copyright, ethical or design issues.  It is highly recommend that you support the original artist or business that owns the design you are seeking.

The Sterling Studio is known for Sterling Jewelry but you can also commission work in Gold and/or a combination of both .

If you request The Sterling Studio create a piece with your stone/s or elements, you must provide purchase, treatment, and  previous repair history on the parts you provide.  Vague, false or incomplete information will release The Sterling Studio from any potential liability of damage to items you supplied.

* If you have a date by which you need to have a piece, then be sure to have everything above completed 6-8 weeks prior to that date.

 *  No custom jobs are taken in from Thanksgiving through Jan 10th.

The Sterling Studio offers ‘Sterling Silver Jewelry Repair Services’

 *** REALLY Helpful hints about Sterling Jewelry Repair ***

#1) There are so many ways to shop these days and lots of these methods sell really inexpensive and/or used items.  The price you paid for an item has absolutely nothing to do with the price of quality, professional repair work.

#2) In the case of items being sold with instructions like “You can take it to your local Jeweler to be sized” or “Needs minor repair”, it is recommended that you clearly understand the return policy of the seller – if any – as this is not always the case or financially feasible.

#3) Determine if the piece is worth it to you to quite possibly pay more to fix it than you paid to purchase it.  Much of the jewelry sold today is not suited to repair costs.  So if you did not pay much for it and it is not a sentimental piece then repairing the item may not work for you.  Exceptions to this might be the replacement of detachable components like clasps or ear wires.

Repaired jewelry often may look a bit different when completed.  There are too many reasons why to state here.


For all inquiries on repair services

#1)  The only certain way for your piece to be properly evaluated to see if it can be repaired here is to bring it in to be assessed.

#2) If you cannot bring the item in, then send clear photos from all angles with a size reference in each photo, like a ruler or a penny, to  This method is not as fast or as certain.  If you choose to send an item to be seen or repaired;

#1) Include a detailed message about what you want done and accurate return mailing and contact information.

#2) Include proof of cost, and history of any previous repair.

#3) Include any stone information you may have like genuine, simulated, treated, cost – etc.

#4) Be sure to send your item to the appropriate Sterling Studio address which will vary depending on which shipping/mailing method you use.  *See ‘Getting in Touch’ page.

* The Sterling Studio does not repair Gold – except – to replace simple detachable components – while you wait.

* The Sterling Studio does not work on Platinum or Steel.

*The Sterling Studio does not take “Rush Jobs” so plan early if you are having a time sensitive item made.

* No repair jobs are taken in from Thanksgiving through Jan 10th.

Acceptable forms of Payment for Commissioned Custom or Repair Work

Cash or Cashier’s check are acceptable for commissioned custom or repair work. 

Long standing, approved customers MAY write personal checks at The Sterling Studio’s discretion. 

The Sterling Studio’s bank will not 100% guarantee any check for * 21 days from day of deposit.  No items will be mailed until we receive 100% guarantee  from our bank that funds have cleared, even if this differs from what your banking information tells you.