Sparks Caused

The Pieces in this selection were designed by The Sterling Studio specifically for the purpose of bringing about awareness to a deserving Cause and enabling The Sterling Studio to donate all profits from that sale to a reputable charity.

Water is Life Sapphire Pendant

Sterling Studio Black Onyx Beaded Necklace, Pendant and Earring set PBS Think TV 14/16

Black Onyx Necklace and Earrings

Sterling Studio Fluorite and Apatite Necklace and Earring Set PBS Think TV 14/16

Sterling Studio Pendants Public TV, National Public Radio, Public Broadcasting System

Sterling Studio Interchangeable Black Agate Neck Collar with matching earring Earrings PBS ThinkTV 14/16

Sterling Studio Kingman Dome Turquoise Necklace PBS Think TV 14/16

Sterling Studio Copper, Sterling and Black Onlyx Brooch PBS Think TV 14/16

Sterling Studio Ancient Royalty – Peta SOLD OUT