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Est. 1992

Nothing is perfect and everything is just right.

Silversmith by hand, tarnished and true.

Stones speak, the piece says when it’s done.

In a small sun filled studio it happens.

Real things mark time, good things take time.

A memory, a reminder, it's for keeps.

The old way, it's personal.

Your spirit piece.

Your little piece of the Earth.

A Little History and Insight

The Sterling Studio was established June 2, 1992 and is packed full with both retail and original Sterling silver jewelry designs and stones.

 The Sterling Studio does not advertise. "Word of Mouth" or "Eye catching" are the best advertisements.  You won't find us stuck to your windshield, tossed in your yard like litter, interrupting your favorite show or popping upon your screen.

The Sterling Studio uses Fair Trade, recycled and Conflict Free materials as much and as often as we can.

*  The Sterling Studio doesn't solicit you so please - in return - respect us and DO NOT SOLICIT us*

The majority of the work shown here is Sterling Silver but custom designs can also be created in Gold, Copper or Brass.

Unless noted, all of the items shown on this website are owned, designed and made by The Sterling Studio.


The Sterling Studio is a small studio.

It is not designed to manufacture large quantities or immediate turn around.

Each piece is made by hand or cast and then finished by hand.

Intention and quality matter.

The Sterling Studio reserves the right to override any misprints or errors found on this site.

The website is informational only it is not set up for commerce. *see 'Getting in Touch' and 'Guide to Offerings' pages.